Honorable Mention for "Angelina's" Top 24 song mentions, 2008 Nashville Songwriters Festival

Honorable mention: "Alta Vista Sky"2003 Tunesmith Songwriting Conference
Four Times Rich Warren's Pick Hit List; WFMT's "The Midnight Special"
1994 Billboard Songwriting Contest Honorable Mention for "Holding You"

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“Donna Adler has the respect of all of her musician friends. She writes well, she produces albums well, she chooses artists to record with well, she performs well. Her songs have a disarming clarity which is echoed in her voice. If you don't know her, you should.”
NancyJones Emrich

Donna Adler has an amazing voice and is a talented guitarist and songwriter. She has a very straightforward style a lot of the time, and a strong, rich, confident, beautiful voice. Perhaps a cross between Karen Carpenter and Iris Dement. Every time I see her she gets better and better.
Mike Mendelson
The Ectophile's Guide to Good Music

The first time I heard Donna was at an open mic at Bill's where I was doing sound; she took my breath away with the creative “Invisible Light”. The next time I heard her was at a house concert where she sang with Buddy Mondlock. I attended her CD release party at Lilly's. Her range of styles and sounds, her writing and her very organic approach to her artistry is a bright light in an otherwise fairly dim world of contemporary music. Pure voice, pure artistry and pure fun with “Bob the Dogwalker”!
Norm “MadDawg” Siegel

Album Reviews

CD: Violets and Blues / Released: 2007

This singer songwriter has a voice that sounds like a combination of the (younger) Linda Ronstadt and Trisha Yearwood. This is an album of strong material kicking off with the title track which sounds like old style country and western, but then moves seamlessly to the modern pop country sound so currently popular with “In Chicago”. However, what hit me the most was the original lyrical material. “Bob the Dogwalker” is particularly amusing and interesting as haven't we all fancied people we have seen doing daily routine chores! I know I have! “Don't Forget Your Angel” is the standout track for me and I feel is a big country hit in the making.
Steve O.
Leicester Bangs

CD: Violets and Blues / Released: 2007

More country-flavoured than the previous album of hers I've heard, this is a collection of lively Nashville-style country folk. The instrumentation is relatively simple, which complements the beautiful clarity of Adler's gorgeous voice and the songs' emotions. Smooth and pretty music. I highly recommend this to fans of ballads and smooth country/folk pop.
Reviewer: Sophia Gurley
The Ectophile's Guide to Good Music

CD: Alta Vista Sky / Released: 2001

This is a great album. It has always amazed me when someone can take simple, straightforward chords and guitar notes, and yet come up with songs and are original and hooky enough to be fresh and new….After a few listens, I was convinced that at least one of the songs (“My Dog's Eyes”) was a Tom Waits cover, or a cover of something that I had heard before. Not the case. Every song on this CD is original. Adler's voice is almost wrenchingly pure.
Reviewer: Mike Mendelson
The Ectophile's Guide to Good Music

CD: Alta Vista Sky / Released: 2001

Some young singer songwriters leap into recording a CD when they're far from ready. Donna Adler spent a decade learning the form and refining her abilities before releasing Alta Vista Sky…and the wait was worth it. She has crafted a completely professional CD. With a stronger voice than I remember from a decade ago, joined by a crew of musicians, she recorded 11 songs for this self-produced release. Donna exhibits surprisingly good production skills for a novice, and she knows how to express the ideas and feelings she has written into her songs. The production finds the happy medium between folk and pop. Her songs are catchy and mostly personal…the exception being “Nadia,” offering deep insight about a child prodigy violinist in a brief three minutes. You can tell Adler has put her heart and soul into this CD.
Reviewer: Rich Warren
WFMT's The Midnight Special

CD: All The Riches of the World / Released: 1997

Many people have grabbed the cloak of urban folk. So many in fact that the cloak has become threadbare. Donna Adler mends the clothing and turns the cloak into a tapestry. All The Riches of the World is a soft and gentle set with vocals reminiscent of early Joan Baez and Judy Collins, backed by hypnotic world beat instruments. The works, collected from 1988-96 were released in 1997 and show a well crafted set that was cared for as well as played. With a host of musicians and recording talents, it is a wonder that his recording is seamless and every part fits to the whole. In a different decade, this would have been an anthem – now it is a theme of grace and love. All of the songs are beautiful, with some of the finest being “Otsmon,” All The Riches of the World,” “September's Coming,” and “Bird Upon the Water.”
Michael Finnegan
In The Mix, July 1998

CD: All The Riches of the World / Released: 1997

This is an album of graceful pop-flavoured folk songs. The instrumentation is fairly simple and acoustic, and Donna Adler has a lovely voice and does some charming self-harmonies. This is sure to be a popular album amongst those looking for something mellow and relaxing but that is not simply background music. There's a wonderful purity of vision and clarity of sound here.
Reviewer: Sophia Gurley
The Ectophile's Guide to Good Music